Playit for Android | All in One Video Player

PLAYit is an app for Android. It plays videos really well. This app supports many video formats. It keeps videos looking and sounding great.


Playit Compatibility and Supported Formats

This app works with many video formats. You can watch AVI, 3GP, M4V, MOV, MP4, and more. It’s easy to find and play videos on your device.

User Experience and Features

  1. Taking Screenshots
    • You can take pictures of your videos.
    • These pictures save to your photo gallery.
    • It’s a fun way to remember favorite scenes.
  2. Viewing Options
    • Watch in full-screen or small-screen.
    • The app tells you about the video.
    • Change brightness and volume easily.
    • Play videos in slow or fast motion.

Playit Overall Assessment

PLAYit is great for watching videos on Android. It doesn’t have tools for subtitles. But it’s fast and light. This makes watching videos easy and quick.

This is a powerful tool for watching videos. It supports many formats. This makes it great for all kinds of videos.

Easy to Use

Finding and playing videos on PLAYit is simple. This is perfect for all ages. You won’t have trouble using it.

Quality of Playback

Videos look and sound great on this app. You can enjoy your favorite shows and movies. The quality is always top-notch.

Compatibility with Formats

PLAYit works with many video types. AVI, 3GP, M4V, and many more. You can play almost any video you have.

Playing Videos

It’s easy to play videos from your device. Just select and watch. It’s that simple.

Taking Screenshots

While watching, you can take screenshots. These go right into your gallery. It’s a cool feature.

Viewing Options

Choose between full-screen and small-screen. The app shows video details. You can adjust the settings to your liking.

Control Options

You have control over brightness and volume. You can even change the speed of the video. Watch in slow motion or speed it up.

Overall Experience

PLAYit is an excellent choice for Android. It’s great for watching all kinds of videos. The app is fast and doesn’t take up much space.

Great for All Videos

You can watch anything on this app. It supports so many formats. This makes it a versatile app.


PLAYit is easy to navigate. Even kids can use it without problems. It’s designed for everyone.

Playback Quality

The video and sound quality are always good. You’ll enjoy how your videos look and sound.

Range of Formats

PLAYit supports a wide range of formats. You’re likely to play any video you have.

Easy Playback

Playing videos is straightforward. Just pick a video and play. It’s hassle-free.

Screenshots Feature

Taking screenshots is a unique feature. Capture moments from your videos. It’s a nice touch.

Various Viewing Modes

Choose how you want to watch. Full-screen or small-screen, it’s up to you. Adjust the settings for a better experience.

Control Over Video

You have lots of control options. Adjust brightness, volume, and playback speed. It’s all in your hands.


PLAYit is a fantastic app for Android video playback. It’s simple, fast, and supports many formats. Although it lacks subtitle editing, it excels in ease of use and playback quality. PLAYit is ideal for anyone who loves watching videos on their phone.

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Playit for Android | All in One Video Player

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