How to take screenshots on Android?

Hi android users! We now discuss about taking screenshots on android.

Taking screenshots, though easy, is not known to many users who need it at many times.

While you are facing an error from an app and want to contact developers, you must want to attach a screenshot of the error so that it gets notified.

Also while browsing web, you might also want to take a screenshot of some webpage.Also on various other occasions, screenshots are necessary.

How to take a screenshot?

1. Hold volume down+Home button for 3 secs. This is the easiest way of taking screenshots on every 4.0+ devices.

2. Hold home+Power button or volume down+Power button or home+Volume down button or home+Volume down+Power button for 3 secs. Try out these one by one.

It may work with your device. Don’t leave any chance of experimenting. Check gallery.

3. If 1 or 2 didn’t work, check for 3rd party apps on Google Play! You will find many apps.

But the worse thing is they dont support all devices. Try out those apps which has higher ratings….read reviews.

4. Some apps on Google play needs rooted android device to take screenshot.

Especially those below android 4.0

Sorry it’s a limitation of android!If all of these doesn’t work, then probably you can’t take screenshots.

Sorry, but it depends on your device hardware, not on the 3rd party softwares. But still, don’t loss hope!Thanks.

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